‘Large kW output with a cheaper price’ this seems to be the way that fireplaces are unfortunately sold these days by many companies – quality is often overlooked or veiled at the long-term expense of the customer.

There are NO standards for the manufacturer or installation of wood-burning fireplaces in South Africa unlike North America or Europe. Our market is flooded with brands that all claim hugely inflated and unsubstantiated heat outputs, or have unscrupulous questionable parentage, and ‘pop up’ brands with fireplaces that have never been approved anywhere in the world.

Crafted by a European leader in home heating technology, the family of cast iron stoves from Nestor Martin is the result of uncompromising engineering, and +/- nearly 165 years of experience.

Our ancestral tradition as cast iron founders has always been coupled with a spirit of technological innovation.

Nestor Martin stoves guarantee a perfect combustion at any time, thanks to their sophisticated burning system.


Woodbox® Technology

Woodbox® Technology allows you to combine the enjoyment of heat and ease of use with outstanding burning performance.

Remote control: Play with fire without getting burnt.

Models featuring Woodbox® Technology can come optionally equipped with a remote control, that will allow you to abjust the burn rate of the fireplace from the comfort of your seat.

The remote control can be used both in “manual” or “automatic” mode. When used in “manual”, just by pressing buttons + and - you will be able to adjust the amount of air going into the fireplace and thus easily increase or decrease the intensity of the flame.

The “automatic” mode will adjust the temperature of the room and the built-in sensor will control and adjust the fireplace performance automatically.

The Nestor Martin remote control will provide more flexibility and comfort than ever before.

Nestor Martin offers a full range of stunning traditional FREE-STANDING units from 7kW to 14kW, as well as a range of INSERT fireplaces that come complete with a frame and fan system to effortlessly spread the warmth to every corner of your room.

To compliment the INSERT range a modern PREMIUM LINE of FREE-STANDING rotating (360 deg) fireplaces offer a stunning look with full controllability and performance.