Free-standing Fireplace Installation

Social distancing is vitally important for the control of Covid-19

We have many new contactless options for choosing and installing your fireplace.

Help reduce the spread of COVID-19

We can't visit your home for the duration of the lockdown, unless it can be classed as ‘Critical Maintenance’ but with your assistance, we can still accurately quote you.
Complete these three easy steps, and our dedicated sales team will send you a full quotation, with several fireplace options to turn your house into a home.


Step One
Take an image of the area where the fireplace will eventually be installed. Tell us the height from your floor to your ceiling. We will then determine if it’s possible and safe, or call you to discuss other options.


Step Two
Take an image of your roof where you estimate the flue pipe will exit the roof or of the outside wall if the flue system will run up the side of the wall.


Step Three
Measure the approximate size of the room that you want to heat. We need the length and width of the room i.e. 6.5m x 5.0m.

Equipped with this information we can send you several fireplace solutions from selected fireplace manufacturers that will comfortably heat your area, and we will also be able to determine the number of flue pipes you will need to safely install the fireplace into your home.

By the time lockdown is finished, it will be Winter and cold in South Africa.

Beat the Winter rush, get included on our installation schedule and get ahead of the rest when get back to work - let us get the groundwork work done for your new fireplace
Send us your information to and sit back and let us do the hard work for you.


We services all types / makes of Closed-System Fireplaces.

“Your fireplace needs to be maintained annually to avoid possible chimney fires”.

Premier Fires is a CIPCC listed “Essential Service Provider” and we can service your fireplace and flue system during LOCKDOWN if it is ‘critical maintenance that can’t be delayed’ - winter is on its way……!

We sweep all chimney systems as long as the flue system is suitable and in good condition.